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National Park

Many things you might not know about our beautiful and intact Kep National Park.

First things first. Here is a link to a map of the Park 
The trails, tracks are very well marked and there are plenty of signs so that you can't get lost.

Sunset Rock
The Sunset Rock

Walking Trails Summary:

  • around the Kep hill
  • Samathi Pagoda
  • Kep Dam (Dam Trail)
  • Various paths uphill
  • Sunset Rock

All these trails and tracks have been built and are almost daily maintained by Christian from Led Zep Cafe for free.
If you are enjoying your hike, why don't you stop at the Led Zep for a drink or something to eat.
They not only have delicious snacks, but their new place is also a superb view-point to overlook Kep - sure one of the best views of Kep.

If you are lucky you can spot a Hornbill

Massive Trees
Beautiful intact tropical jungle trees


Alternatively you can hire a guide, leave the trail and explore the dense jungle. Of course you can do this also by yourself. The park isn't that big.

Activities? – Explore the jungle; see some wild animals and beautiful plants, views.

How to go? – The main entrance is behind Veranda Natural Resort, but the Kep Lodge and Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort also have direct access.

What does it cost? – $1 or 4000R; a guide costs you per half a day $6 -$10.

The Kep National Park is quite small and is located around the Kep Mountain. The main entrance is just behind Veranda Natural Resort, where you will be expected to pay a dollar (or 4000 riels) entry fee (which goes towards maintaining the park they say :-)).
There are other access points such as Kep Lodge on the west side.

There is an 8km trek which leads around the mountain with beautiful outlook points to Kampot, the islands and to Vietnam. Next to the three big antennas is a small nuns monastery, where you can buy wood-tea - one helps with head ache and another one helps with stomach problems.

View from Kep National Park
View towards Bokor Mountain

The walk around the mountain takes between two and three hours. It is a nice place to escape the hot temperature on the coast. Around the trek you find plenty of signs, maps and look out points and benches (sponsored by Kep businesses).

Viewpoint from the Samathi walk
View towards the Rabbit Island from
the Samathi path

My personal favorite is the walk direction to the Samathi Pagoda. First you follow the normal path, pass the Kampot viewpoint and then at the summit you take a small trail uphill to your left, leading you to the other side of Kep. A few beautiful viewpoints are along the hike, which is a bit steep going down on the other side, but easily doable with flip flops (if it gets too slipery just take off your shoes) and kids.

Another recently opened trail is towards the unfinished Kep Dam (Dam Trail). You walk until the summit, take the small trail uphill but trun left after 100m and start going downhill. Also a bit steep but definitely worth since the trail leads you to impressive jungle trees.

Last but definitely not least is the Sunset Rock - a rock with views towards the beach, the Crab Market and Kep's smaller hill.

There are now many smaller trails uphill leading  you directly into the jungle: to the small Buddha statue, the female monastery, the big antennas.  All trails very well signposted so you can't get lost!! Most of the trails are doable in flip-flops, but some of the more challenging ones require decent covered footware.

 Links with some more information: