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Local Kep Markets

In Kep there are 4 local markets, where you can get fruit, vegetables and meat etc. The biggest one is near the White Horse, another one is at Damnak Changeur and the third and probably smallest (and dirtiest) is at Kep City.
The most famous market is the Crab Market, where you can get all kind of seafood (Crabs, Shrimps and Squid), some souvenirs and a very limited fruit and vegetables selection

Western Groceries

If you are looking to buy some western groceries like pasta, cheese, sweets etc. then your best choise is in Kep City. Ma Pisei (the big pink building) is probabley the most famous one located on the main road. Her sister opened up another one, a bit before and has probaly the better selection.

They have several big fridges with cold drinks, some yoghurts, sliced cheese, chocolats and hard liquor. Further they also have a freezers with a good selection of Ice Creams.

If you need something special, then ther is no way around to drive to Kampot and visit Heng Dy, the Khmer-Chinese shop at the Durian roundabout. There is a second bigger shop in Kampot near the Salt Monument called Vieman, which is very expensive, but has many more products.

Q Market The second Supermarket to be opened in Kep. Conveniently located at the building next to the beach.
They have 3 big fridges and offer cold drinks, yoghurt, chocolate, wine and hard liquor.

If you need some sun cream, lotion or deo than this is the place to go to.


Kep has now 2 separate L'Epi D'Or bakeries (and a third one in Kampot). The first one is located at the beach and a true Deli at the main road 33a (corner of Pepper Street/Kep Lodge road).
The offer bread, croissants, sweets - freshly baked every day and a wide menu ranging from pizza, burgers and cold beer.

The Veranda Bakery is up the hill and offers next to sweets, croissants also ice cream.

Shop aka Lili Perles

The Lili Perles, located not far from the Beach is a unique place.Lili is selling 'beeds' - different round shaped 'beeds' and put them together to a bracelet, neckelace or similar things.

Her collection is impressive with thousands and thousands of different styles, material, colors etc. You can be sure that if you let your girlfriend enter the shop, she will empty your wallet! :-)

There is also a small bar where you can sit and have a drink - mainly occupied for the waiting male partners



Next to Green Tours, Kep Beach
Tel: 012 634 214


There are quite a few little shops in several restaurants and hotels or at the beach which do offer the famous Pepper or any other kind of souvenirs from Cambodia.
There are also several women near the beach selling shells and other souvenirs for not almost nothing.

Mr Nuen has opened quite a big shop selling almost everything eg the famous Kampot/Kep pepper, jewelery but also a big selection of inexpensive t-shirts, shorts, groceries etc. Located near the Vishnu Roundabout.

Just browse around and you will find plenty of souvenirs to bring back home.