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Don Bosco Kep

Kep Vocational Center


Technical education for young people from rural areas and unprivileged. Social Communication section (Audiovisual editors, webmasters, reporters, social workers). Hotel skills (Front Office and Housekeeping.)  Laundry, photocopier, international calls. 

DBFC started during the Khmer refugee camps in Thailand during the 1980s, in 1991 it opened the first technical school in Phnom Penh under an invitation from the Royal Government. 

There is a Catholic Mass in Don Bosco, although the school is not religious oriented for its students. Please find the timetable below:
- Monday to Friday at 6:20pm
- Saturday at 6pm
- Sunday at 5:30pm
at the  Kampot Church (a car leaves to Kampot from Don Bosco at 5pm for the Mass).
The Mass is in Khmer.
If you would like a special Mass in English, Italian or Spanish, call Fr. Rodas (097 371 2020).
Don Bosco

Fr Albeiro Rodas, Director Don Bosco Kep DBFC Communications Department

In front to Kep School Department, Road 33a

Tel: 097 96 75 005
Tel: 097 76 14 005  

Email: albeiro24@gmail.com
Email: management@donboscokhmer.org

Web: www.donboscokep.org
Web: www.donboscokhmer.org

BLDD - Buddhist for Live Developement Our organization was founded in 2011 by several monks at the Samut Ranksey Pagoda in Kep, Cambodia.
We aim to explain the Buddhist believe, help people to find a place to meditate and most importantly help the poorest families with their children to get a proper education and more.

Furthermore we do have some projects, like English classes, Computer lessons for the children and the monks and more. We are a non-governmental organization and are to 100% self funded. Therefore we rely on your kind Donation. Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in helping the poor.
Logo BLD


Venerable Seth Noeun
Head Monk at Samut Ranksey Pagoda, Kep

Tel: 012 53 89 64

La Maison de la Culture
de des Sports (MCS)

Opened in October 2011 for young people of every age, this centre has the ambition to improve the physical and intellectual development of the most disadvantaged. At the MCS Kep, they can apply their culture and traditions (in fact their Khmer collective identity), close to their place of living.

Objectives: health/openness to other cultures of the world/tightening of the bonds of solidarity between children/teamwork, and, correlatively: creation/discovery of local talents, slowdown migration of young people to urban areas.

Structure of the MCS and its activities are able to be reproduced easily, with its help if necessary.


Mrs Sylvia Sisowath - Project Leader
Email: phuongnara@gmail.com

Mrs Dominique Klein - Volunteer Relations
Email: dkleinlorrain456@gmail.com Tel:  017 601 581

Mr Norn Samnang - Director
Email: puchhree@gmail.com Tel: 010 73 55 81

Web: kepcs.over-blog.com - Facebook: MCS Kep

Jardin des langues Ayravady The school offers french and english lessons, written and oral, as well as artistic and sportive activities to the inhabitants of Kep, in particular to the children living nearby the Old Casino of Kep. The school is complementary to the public school, thus the children come after their normal class during their free time.

The main goal is to wake the children's curiosity and to develop their passioin for learning. Fruther the school helps the students to discover the various professions available in order to lower their and their families poverty and to promote education and European-Khmers exchanges.


Mr Christopher Marullaz
Ms Cinthia Dimier

Le Cameleon, rue du Vieux Casino, Kep

Tel: 097 724 33 24

Email: jardindeslanguesayravady@gmail.com

Web: enseignement-solidaire.org

Bridges Across Borders The Hand in Hand Program is a joint partnership between Bridges Across Borders Cambodia and Knai Bang Chatt working to help the Chamcar Bei community design and implement holistic strategies to break the cycle of poverty.

The Hand in Hand program supports integrated, sustainable development initiatives that build local capacity and improve child education & nutrition, health & sanitation, food & water security, housing & community infrastructure, and employment opportunities & livelihoods.

BABC's goal is to transform the national development model into one that respects, protects and progressively fulfills the human rights of the Cambodian people. BABC has been working in Kep Province since 2006 and began implementing the Hand in Hand Program together with Knai Bang Chatt in 2007. While the Hand in Hand Program will be coming to an end in 2012, BABC will continue to work with the Phnom Voar communities and local authorities to strengthen the eco-tourism opportunities in the region.
BAB Logo

Mr Theary Meas
Odoung village, Damnak Change Eur, Kep

Tel: 092 84 92 70

Email: office@babcambodia.org

Web: www.babcambodia.org
Web: handinhandforcambodia.blog.com

Educating Smiling Children

Building communitarian schools integrated by the Department of Education in remote areas, as well as water-wells, water tanks and toilets in public schools.

In 2012/2013, around 1700 pupils were scolarised by ESC in 37 classes in total 11 schools in Siem Reap and Kep.

Mr Christian Michel
Office: Street 57/64, Phnom Penh

Tel: 012 24 51 92

Email: christiandmichel@gmail.com

Web: www.ecole-cambodge.org

Kep Gardens

Kep Gardens is a community development project. It is a non-profit, non-government organization with no political or religious affiliations, which is committed to the training and education of young people in a rural Cambodian community. These young people have very limited opportunities to enable them to seek further education due to family circumstances.
Some things they do:

  • Four English classes:  elementary, beginner, intermediate and upper catering to students ranging in ages from 6-45 years of age.
  • Hospitality students sponsored to Paul duBrule Hospitality and Tourism School in Siem Reap.  Hospitality seminars for local businesses.
  • Trade skills being taught in conjunction with our maintenance employment project.
  • Agriculture workshops to aid local farmers.
  • Career Student Programme sponsoring 4 year 12 students for private tutoring and then to further studies for nursing and engineering.
  • Educational Support Fund to support disadvantaged students to attend state education to Year 12 and those wanting to continue with further academic studies.
  • All training offered free-of-charge to provide opportunities to the disadvantaged in the community. 

Mrs Janine Judd
Kampong Tralach Village, Kep

Tel: 015 65 33 71

Email: kepgardens@yahoo.com.au

Web: www.kepgardens.com