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Kep is a lovely Cambodian coastal village, located on the south coast of Cambodia, not far from the Vietnamese border. is your one-stop source for information for tourists.  Compiled and maintained by the Kep Tourism Group we provide a complete listing of all Kep Hotels and Restaurants and many useful information to make your stay as pleasant as possible

The daily fishing & snorkelling trips by longtail boat, the climb inside the Magic Tree, the motorbike excursion, hunting for the 3 amazing graffities from the Belgium artist ROA - only three of the 20+ activities you can spend your days with in Kep.

View from Kep Lodge's 1st floor lounge /Non-Guests can use the pool for free when eating and drinking for $5 per person

In September 2013 the Kep International School opened its doors and follows the Cambridge and Khmer curriculum. Finally entire families can come and enjoy the life in Kep with this first class school.

For information about the Islands around Kep and Cambodia, please visit the very informative site

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